Welcome one and all…

Yeah, I failed with that title!

but, anyways welcome to ‘Lucky, the dolls are crazy!!!’!

I can’t wait to get started on this *rubs hands together eagerly*

and if you haven’t guessed already I am Lucky!

this blog is going to be based around my crazily amazing doll family; which consists of my 8 American Girl dolls!

My AG dolls are; Saige (goty 2013), Kit (historical 1934), Isabelle (goty 2014), Grace (goty 2015), Cody (custom boy), Caroline (beforever 1812), Tyler (custom boy) andΒ of course Juliette (my re-named Julie doll) , I also have Penny (pleasant company horse)

but wait I also have a few non-AG’s:

Β  Β  Β Jack, My London Girl, (custom boy doll)

And Vanessa, Journey Girl, (re-named Dana)

and that is my crazy doll family (at least for the moment)!

Stay tuned to see what ‘crazy’ adventures we’ll have together!

-Lucky πŸ€



Here is my second entry for AGPSC the Second

So, the theme was “Chipped”

(note: the dolls you see one is my Johnny Depp the other is my sisters Maryellen)


So the scene starts off when Johnny (the Depp lookalike but Sparrow minded)


finds some treasure (a micro-chip)


He is very happy with his findings..


He then sits down to embrace the moment.


And then he sees Maryellen Larkin slowly making her way towards him…


She seems to be very interested in Depp’s micro-chip!


An then out of nowhere she takes his treasure.

And says, “This doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to science!”


She storms off angry as well… and angry person!


Johnny is upset that someone took his treasure!


He says, “My treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll get you for this Maryellen!”

Lucky again, hope you guys enjoyed that!

Peace to the world;




Hey guys,

Sorry for being way to inactive on my blog these days, I’ve had a whole week of tests and school can be pretty hard!

I can’t wait to start posting again (I think I need to make a schedule for what days I’ll post!)


I’ll (hopefully) post the review of Brooklyn you guys have been requesting, sometime on the weekend!

See you guys in my next post!

Peace to the world;

❀ Lucky ❀


BIBPC The Fourth categoryΒ Β #7 – animal closeups

So, here is my final bibpc photo,img_1829

so the story is my cat was sitting down sooo perfectly I couldn’t resist taking his pic of him! (btw it’s a close up on his fur!)

thanks Megan this has been a blast to do and I’m looking forward to bibpc the fifth!

oh, and here is my poster for BIBPC The Fifth;


Bye for now!



Meet Brooklyn Summers…

So, you may recall in my last post I told you I got another doll!

Well, the day has come to reveal who she is…


if you haven’t guessed already that is tm Β #37!

I love her sooo much I’ll be posting about her in the very near future;

but for now…

Peace to the world;



I got a new doll!!!!!!

So, I got a new doll and she’ll be here on the weekend I’ll make a post about her as soon as I get her!!!!

Sorry, for not blogging very much, I just got back to school on Monday and let’s just say it’s not a piece of cake!


Peace to the world;